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Xx chat

There are two basic approaches of integrating unblu into the app.

The following functions may be called by the mobile app by sending them to the Web View window.mobile Chat Chat(username)Initiates a chat session with the given username.The files discussed here are the base HTML in which the chat will run, CSS files to style the content as well as the javascript files that start and maintain the session using the unblu API. This example will show how to integrate the files in the app, serving them from an webserver is basically the same except that the main HTML file is directly loaded from the internet and the referenced javascript and css files don't use the "file://" protocol.These are the files needed to integrate unblu into the app.Note that all of these callbacks are not called on the UI-Thread meaning that any UI action must be posted on it e.g.using get Activity()On Ui Thread(...); The example application holds examples of what may be done in the callback methods.

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To overcome these problems, the html file is loaded with a base URL which makes it act, like it was provided from the given URL and therefore provides a valid origin. A second reason of why this base URL is important is the filtering of Chat requests in the unblu agent desk.

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