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Stockings chat room

Knee high stockings typically roll for two reasons: they are too long, or stretched too tight at the top.

If the top of your stocking is pulled up into the crease of your knee, the movement of your leg will cause it to roll.

Bright Life Direct sells 4 different stocking donners and there is an instructional video on each product page..When putting on your stockings, pull the top-band up so it’s 1-2 finger widths below the crease of your knee.(The stocking doesn’t have to be stretched out to be effective.) If there are wrinkles, smooth them out with the palms of your hands.Easy-Slide is a nylon sleeve you put on your leg before donning your stocking.The ripstop nylon is very slippery and makes it much easier to don high compression stockings.

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Theres something about girls in stockings that give the look of sex, professional and classy looking sex that plays right into all of the desires you have about hot, intimate moments shared with that certain woman that works in your office.

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