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one of the most important bits of ITV going forward, a massive presence, and profitable" Following regulatory approval, the sale was completed on 25 March 2010.On 15 December 2011, DC Thomson estimated that Friends Reunited was worth only £5.2 million, a fifth of the price it paid to ITV two years previously.

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Friends Reunited Dating promotion code: (expires November 2nd, 2010)Sign up at Friends Reunited Dating here When you use the Friends Reunited Dating promotional code above you’ll only be charged £39.60 for a 6 month subscription, that’s only £6.60 a month!

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Friends Reunited was a portfolio of social networking websites based upon the themes of reunion with research, dating and job-hunting.

The first and eponymous website was created by a husband and wife team in the classic back bedroom internet start-up; it was the first online social network to achieve prominence in Britain, and it weathered the dotcom bust.

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