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The mother-of-one has openly expressed her interest to act on TV and with her husband, Christopher Lee, again – but only if the right role comes along.Hopefully fans don’t have to wait another six years before it materialises.With her two kids (her daughter’s 18 and son, 14) all grown up and independent today, the actress lamented that she’s no longer needed at home and jumped at the opportunity to act when Ling Ling suggested that she join her and Cassandra on Ivy Lee Just when Ivy’s acting career was on an upward swing, the mother-of-four (she has twin boys and two daughters) decided to leave it all behind and uproot her entire family to join her director husband in Hong Kong.While she has “retired” as an actress, she still appears occasionally on TV via commercial engagements and was most recently “spotted” gathering with her old acting pals, Hong Hui Fang and Pan Ling Ling, during a recent visit back home.Watch past episodes of Blessings on Toggle.) to settle down with her banker beau, whom she divorced a couple of years back.She kept a low profile ever since they parted ways and subsequently found her way back to TV land again after she was offered the role of a Japanese housewife, starring opposite Chen Hanwei, in with Rebecca Lim and Li Nanxing, in what would be the latter’s directorial debut.

), we pray she sprinkled some of that fairy dust on Ivy, too, during their recent outing. Fast forward 20 years and the erstwhile 90s screen sweetheart is now a mother to three teenage daughters – Shanisse, 19, Shalynn, 17 and Shavinne, 13.

These days the 39-year-old is a happy ‘, starring opposite one of her former onscreen partners, Chew Chor Meng (they played one of local TV’s most iconic onscreen couples in 1997’s Immortal Love), and guest-starred in variety shows such as , left showbiz in 1996 after getting married, and relocated overseas with her family in 2005.

Currently based in Tokyo, Japan, the mother of two daughters is now a full-time housewife and last appeared on Channel U’s , a Singapore-Malaysia co-production, co-starring Ah Niu and Hong Kong actress Elanne Kwong, and made headlines when she got married at Capella Hotel to her then-41-year-old boyfriend after three years of dating.

Cherie Lim Better known as Singapore tycoon Peter Lim’s wife a.k.a.

Mrs Valencia CF, Cherie left showbiz suddenly in 1994, a couple of years after joining the second Star Search competition in 1990.

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Talent runs in the family as Shalynn, a budding musician, is set to follow in mum’s footsteps - the teenager recently inked a contract with hair maestro Addy Lee’s Starlist agency to become an artiste.