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But women were regularly included in medical research in the 18th century.In 1721, the iconic Newgate Prison trials in England tested the safety and efficacy of smallpox inoculation.Today, medical researchers struggle to include women in clinical trials.It's impossible to say when women were defined out as proper subjects of human research.A British physician in Jamaica reported he had developed a 'perfect cure' for yaws, a horrid tropical infection of the skin, bones and joints bred of poverty and poor sanitation.

'Some gentlemen' in London were concerned that experiments done on slave women were not valid for 'women of fashion, and of delicate constitutions.' Treatments appropriate for enslaved women, they warned, might well destroy ladies of 'delicate habits, …educated in European luxury.'African, Amerindian and European knowledges mixed on Caribbean sugar plantations.The plantation owner, a man of science, consequently put the man of African origins in charge of all yaws patients in his plantation hospital.In the process, the enslaved man – who remained nameless and faceless throughout – was elevated in status to a 'Negro Dr.'The Atlantic world represents a step in globalization, the potential enrichment of the human experience when worlds collide.Europeans had little experience with the tropical disease they encountered in the Caribbean, but Africans did.One of my purposes in this book is to expand our knowledge of African contributions to science.

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