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The greatest draw of Chuski Pop, however, is its honest celebration of female friendship.From school, where they compete for grades, to adolescence, when they compete for attention, young women are constantly taught to hate each other.In one episode, Pappu vividly describes sitting before her television set as a child, to watch a special programme celebrating the new millennium, with Aamir Khan’s somewhat hysterical performance of the song .But as fondly as the duo remembers old movies, they are quick to judge how sexism and misogyny were a huge part of storylines, particularly in films from the 1980s and 1990s.“Before getting on the train, my mother would buy all the film magazines like Filmfare and Cine Blitz, and I would go through them on the train ride, tearing out the sexy pictures of Rekha or Sridevi and folding them up and putting them away in my bag.

As young girls of Indian origin, who spent some part of their lives in the Middle East, Sweety and Pappu became accustomed to being identified in the same social or racial club with other young women who were Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or Sri Lankan.It didn’t matter how different they felt from one another, to outsiders, they were all brown.It was through this external identification that they began to consider what Chuski Pop was born of a political and personal struggle for identity.Sweety and Pappu never use their real names on the show, or for interviews, because they are afraid that their political opinions might endanger their families—some of whom still live in the Middle East, near violent and conservative neighbours.At present, the podcast is available on apps like i Tunes, Stitcher, and Sound Cloud.

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“But in the hands of a precocious Lolita, it turns into something dangerous and suggestive all because in our primarily patriarchal society any phallic-shaped fruit or food can mean only one thing.