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He was allegedly happily married for 45 years, but after his wife dies he plunges into the Internet dating game so avidly that one of his blind dates turns out to be -- his own daughter.It is a pleasure to regard Cusack and Lane, or Jake and Sarah, as they Meet Cute and go through the usual romantic calisthenics of the love story.They must each doubt their own feelings, and each doubt the other's feelings, and miss a connection through a misunderstanding, and become convinced the other person is dating someone else, and clear all of the other hurdles placed with clockwork precision before the inevitable finish line.prequel/reboot, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the talent involved.The photo above is obviously photo-shopped (poorly in fact) by myself to show you what JJ Abrams’ on deck line-up may look like. Let’s take a look at thee new crew of the Starship Enterprise.

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If one should get dropped by accident, well, the Cusack character thinks that when your heart breaks, "it grows back bigger." So maybe it's a good thing for it to be broken? These actors with their gifts deserve characters that the movie takes more seriously and puts at more risk.

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  1. There are also reports of the two planning to tie the knot. And I don't consider age at all for anything - whether its relationships, fitness or health or whatever," said Soman earlier about the age gap between him and Konwar.