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I only had a massage in my hotel room once, and that one was very prim and proper.I stated that I was pretty sweaty, and Amy said "then you take a shower." They sat on the end of the bed to wait.Unfortunately I was pretty far along, and although she had much better style, I was too far along and finished in about 30 seconds. So I relaxed as they got some warm washcloths and cleaned me up. Amy gave me her card, they each hugged me and left.I thought it was a pretty good experience, but thought it would have been better if Amy was alone.I stood there and took off my shirt, shoes, socks, and pants until I was just standing there in by boxer briefs.

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I see you are at my hotel again, do you have time for a massage? " I didn't just want her to come to my room, because I wanted her to come alone, not with her partner.

Instead of giving her my room number I said "I am interested in a massage from you, not a four hand massage, how much for that? " I said, "No let's meet in the bar, but just you ok? " I didn't understand this response but I said "No I was just offering you a drink in the second floor bar first." She said "Okay, I will be there in 5." So I left the wine bar and went to the elevator bank by the second floor. First, she was walking and looking very uncomfortable, I assume she can get kicked out if she is not with a customer.

Two minutes later I was back in the room, naked, and toweling myself off. I tried to challenge them and said "but you girls are supposed to get topless first." The agreed they would get topless, but not yet. I laid down on the bed and Amy started massaging me. Amy was kneeling next to my waist massaging my upper chest. Her partner knelt on the other side of my waist, with her back turned towards me. She lubed me up and stroked so fast I thought she would pull my dick off. I reached down and took her hands off my cock once so I could get a breather and asked her to slow down.

The other girl -whose name I never got- went into the bathroom to pee. I wasn't really expecting a great massage, but I wanted to have fun getting naked with these girls and see where it would go. It was at this point that they took off their shirts. They were identical to each other - other than Amy's cups were larger- and they looked like what my mother probably wore in the 50's. My boner persevered and they finally got the bras off and we were ready to go. Another minute later I took her hands off again and raised myself in front of her on my knees.

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